2111 Fork Extensions

open design

Stable steel design, open at the bottom with fixing bracket protection for extension of fork prongs of forklifts and wheeled loaders. Special manufacture and special dimensions are possible.

Lacquered as standard in RAL 7016 anthracite.

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2113 Fork Lifter

for effortless changing of fork prongs

Stable, practical aid for lifting and changing of fork prongs without power requirement, working aid according to UVV (Accident prevention regulation). Available in two designs suitable for different fork prong sizes.

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2114 Fork Changer

storing and pick-up station

A robust and stable frame from strong steel sections for storing and quick pick-up or depositing of fork prong extensions.

Always positioned orderly, effortless and without injuries:
Fork prong extensions (Model 2111 and same design) can…

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2121 Shunting Aid

for trailer with ball coupling/passenger car trailer

The practical attachment on the fork prongs of the forklift is ideal for quickly shunting a trailer on the factory site. The shunting aid is easy protected from unintended slipping by the chain. Experienced forklift drivers with a feel for…

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2122 Wheel Assembly Aid

for lorry tyres etc.

Drive up to the wheel to be changed, loosen wheel bolts, lift the wheel via the handle of the wheel assembly aid, loosen wheel and drive off. This is easy without effort and without damage to rim, bolts and brake…

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