1328 Craneable Gas Bottle Carrier

Robust steel tube design with stability protection of gas cylinders of standard sizes to be transported

The conical arrangement of the locking bwo guarantees an optimum stability of the cylinders.

As standard in Eichinger-Orange Detailed information

2067 Tipping Skip

can be tipped to 2 sides, can be docked on 4 sides

The tipping container is a multi-talent on working days. It can be universally used, space-saving and sequence-optimised at a loading capacity of up to 500 kg, as it can be transported at all 4 sides with the fork lift. With…

Detailed information

2116 Battery Charging Location

according to GroLa BG and VdS-information sheet 2259

Everything is clearly visible at one location at the rear wall of the stable steel design which can be fastened to the wall or on the floor – including the…

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