2071 Snow Dozer

Stable steel sheet design with reinforced section edges for clearing snow with fork lift.

Dozer shield can be adjusted to the right and left.
Available as standard in 4 sizes.
Lacquering in Eichinger-Orange (Similar…

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2073 Snow Plough

with automatic level adjustment

Robust steel sheet design for clearing snow-covered areas with a fork lift.

Plough shield adjustable to the right and left.
4 sizes available as standard.
Lacquering in Eichinger-Orange (Similar to RAL 2000).
Protected against unintended…

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2074 Forklift Gritter

adjustable spreading width up to 900 cm

Stable hopper attachment with docking pockets for fork lift for spreading grit, sand or salt. The stirring unit driven by the fork lift hydraulic system ensures uniform distribution at an adjustable spreading width up to 9 m and prevents clumping…

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2077 Forklift Sweeper

Practical and work-optimising aid built from steel section tubes with loading capability: The sweeping brush with two rows and docking…

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