2061 Loading Shovel

with hydraulic tipping equipment

The stable shovel is fitted on a reinforced base frame distributing the load conveniently on the fork lift forks. The hydraulic cylinder controls the forward and backward tipping via a double joint designed for high loads. The shape and the…

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2062 Tipping Shovel

with fork lift docking pockets

The shovel attachment has been designed for high loading capacity with extra stable shovel sheet, all-round edge section, reinforced corners and special tipping ribs. The stable base frame is mounted on the fork lift docking pockets and secured against unintended…

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2063 Tipping Shovel

with fork lift fork push-through opening

Ideal for taking bulk materials with good pressure on the 3-times reinforced scrape rib. The centre of mass is supported centric due to the pushed through fork of the fork lift and secured against unintended slipping. The mechanical tipping equipment…

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2064 Loading Shovel

with hydraulic tipping mechanism

The shovel attachment replaces the digger on the factory site. Slow, well-aimed emptying from any height is possible with the aid of its two hydraulic cylinders. The stable section edges, robust scraping rib and safety chain are designed for highest…

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