2261 Drum Pallet

can be supplemented modular and stacked

A handy and quick solution for storing and stacking industrial barrels: Simply align horizontally, place barrels and start a new row with further barrel pallets. Also two barrels per forklift can be transported and moved in this way via the…

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2262 Drum Pallet

for safe position during transportation and in the rack

Accelerated working processes require flexible and spontaneous measures. The rack barrel pallet can be controlled from the narrow and wide side with the forklift. You can increase flexibility for storing and stacking in racks in this way and stabilise the…

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2263 Drum Stacking Pallet

with integrated drain pan

Designed for environment protection and own safety with extra deep oil and watertight drain pan. The barrels stand in this case on stable, removable gratings which meet industrial standards. The robust pallets for storing and moving two standing barrels are…

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2271 Drum Filling Station

A quick and practical addition to the barrel pallet 2261: Place barrels lying accurately and slip-proof and return after the process immediately to its place or load for refilling onto trailer or lorry. Stable…

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2272 Drum Filling Station

Stable rack from high-grade steel sections with deep oil and watertight drain pan and removable, zinc-dipped grating according to industrial standard. Barrels and canisters can be positioned in the rack shelving with roller or barrel supports.

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2275 Drum Rack

Stable rack from high-grade steel sections with roller supports for positioning barrels. A separate drain pan protects the ground from uncontrolled leaking liquids.

Lacquering as standard in Eichinger-Orange
(Similar to RAL 2000).

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2280 Heavy Load Rack

shelving can be pulled out

This is a steel section design of extreme loading capacity with height-adjustable shelving. Handles are provided at the section-reinforced front edge of the shelving for pulling out, so that the shelves can also be approached and loaded with the forklift…

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3010 Drain Pan

with conical side walls

Extra deep, oil and watertight drain pan with conical side walls and stable, galvanised gratings according to industrial standard. The bases of the robust pallets are designed as docking pockets for transportation with forklift. Available in different sizes and depths.…

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3012 Drain Pan

with straight side walls

Straight, oil and watertight drain pan with stable, galvanised grating according to industrial standards. The pallets are equipped with legs and basis brackets serving at the same time as forklift docking pockets, available in different sizes and drain depths.

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3013 Drain Pan

Extra deep, oil and watertight drain pan with straight side walls, available in different designs with or without grating. The design with practical handle can also serve as a handy cart, with which nothing is contaminated by dripping liquid during…

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3030 Environment Protection Depot

Stable steel sheet design for proper storage of water-endangering materials with drain pan set; safe and easy transportation with crane and also with forklift with binding agent starter set.

Lacquered as standard in Eichinger-Orange
(Similar to…

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