2091 Container Tipper

hydraulic for container and silos with forklift brackets

The container tipper is an ideal supplement for forklifts equipped with a third control element controlling hydraulic rotating. The forklift driver can, in this way, fully or partially empty the…

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2093 Wheelie Bin Tipper

for household bins

Ideal for emptying and washing waste bins: Tipping equipment welded from massive steel sections with integrated forklift docking pockets in stable, twist-free base frame. Unlocking of the tipping mechanism via rope pull from driver seat. Two hooks fix the waste…

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2094 Wheelie Bin Tipper

for large bins and containers on wheels

Under-riding, securing, lifting, transporting and emptying: Large bins can be quickly transported, emptied and cleaned inside the factory site with the massive attachment to the forklift. Two  foldable arms secure the waste bin on the side by the handles. A…

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2095 Lattice Box Tipper

for grating containers to euro standard

Ideal for transporting, emptying and washing of Euro grating boxes: The grating box will be under-ridden and lifted by the closed fork attachment in this case. The tipping equipment -welded from massive steel sections - locks automatically via two tensioning…

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