For three generations



Smithy founded by Hans Eichinger in 1904 at Beilngrieserstrasse 224, Berching, Bavaria.

Change of ownership

Florian Eichinger takes over the reins in 1934, shifting to series production of wheelbarrows and agricultural equipment.


1.Industry fair after 1945


In 1946, the production lineup is expanded to include building equipment, concrete and cement buckets and equipment stands.


New premises

In 1962, the business moves from Beilngrieserstraße 224 to Maria-Hilf-Str. 17-23.  At the same time, the building equipment range is expanded.

A new generation

In 1980, the private firm becomes a publicly listed company with Hans Eichinger taking over as  managing partner.


New location

In 2006, the new factory in Mühlhausen comes into operation.  Located at An-der-Lände 10 on around 80.000 m² of land, it allows the building equipment lineup to be expanded to fit the needs of today's market.