FE Florian Eichinger GmbH - Hoisting equipment and accessories for forklifts

Tippers, containers, silos, barrel lifters, pallets, racks and transport aids for forklift and crane


The routes of the success story of Florian Eichinger GmbH are at the founding of the company: The Company was founded by Hans Eichinger in 1904 as arts and craft forge. Florian Eichinger started series production of devices and wheelbarrows already in 1934 and exhibited his products at the trade fair in Munich in 1945. The Florian Eichinger GmbH develops and produces construction equipment since over
70 years and leads worldwide in quality and innovation.

The series “Industry” can be recognised by the robust steel, massive processing and the special “Eichinger Orange”. It includes tipping containers, lifting equipment, equipment for facilitating transportation of barrels and many other attachments for forklifts and crane.

The extensive range is the answer to the requirements of industry and meets the requirements of UVV (Accident prevention regulation) of international safety standards and regulations.

We shall be pleased to forward more information to you or answer any questions which may arise: +49 (0) 9185 / 9230.

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